Jyotish is a profound science in the field of astrology that originates from ancient Vedic traditions from India. It is used to monitor time, energy time periods called Yuga, and to raise awareness of each individual. The ancient sages-rishis with yoga, meditation and conscious observation of all that has come to valuable insights and so in the Puranas (old records of Vedic wisdom) a new pillar of science was written – Jyotish. They knew that a period of great darkness was coming – Kali yuga, in which people would forget who we were and move very far away from their essence lost in the physical-material world depleted of basic values. Literally translated, jyoti means light, and isha means the god-creator, so Jyotish is God’s light that shines in us and illuminates our path. It shows us what will be activated in certain periods of life and how to best prepare for the challenges we will face. It is a guide to the map of our current incarnation with which we can understand where and how we can work to be successful, in which area we will have greater challenges and efforts, shows our physical level and possible imbalances, what energy reflects our love area, home, family, finances, how we will express ourselves, how we will think … Date, time and place of birth are the key that opens the door to the inner world of each individual through the expressed energy of the planets, according to their placement at the time of birth. It is a mapping of the macrocosm into the microcosm and a record of the life ahead. Each of us gets the best combination for the evolution of our soul based on past karma or actions from a previous incarnation. The planets are the ones that activate a specific area in our life in a certain period of time and thus some karmic consequence.



The purpose of jyotisha is not to predict the future. It shows us our strengths and areas where we are strong and how to use this quality in the right way. It is a tool with which we can become aware of certain acquired patterns and causes that created events in the past. It helps us identify the energies and principles that are causing us problems and teaches us how and how to reduce potential bad things. With free will, we can change the present and thus create a basis for the desired future. In doing so, Jyotish uses certain hopes, preventive techniques that can help us on the path of transformation. It is very important to actively participate in life by taking full responsibility for ourselves and our actions. In every moment we create future events with our thoughts, reactions to actions, and in this moment we are a reflection of thoughts and actions from the past.



A very special period in the life of every individual is certainly the period of SADE SATI. It is repeated cyclically at about 29 years when the planet Saturn passes the sign in front of our moon, the sign in which the moon is and the sign for our moon. Because Saturn is a very slow planet, it passes one sign in about 2.5 years, which means that the period of fruit sati – great learning lasts 7.5 years. This is a difficult period in which we face problems, delays, hard work, losses. How difficult this transition will be depends on the placement of the moon in our birth chart. Saturn wants us to turn to ourselves and during this period it shows us our weak points or areas where change is necessary because its purpose is our inner transformation. He wants us to actually see things as they are without illusions about the reality around us.



By understanding and getting to know our own energy, we can change our karmic structure with awareness and free will. An old Slovenian proverb that can be compared to the law of karma is certainly: “What you sow you also reap.” Jyotish is closely associated with karma and our functioning and is strongly intertwined with Ayurveda and Vastu. Jyotish shows, among other things, the area of imbalance on the physical level, Ayurveda with its approaches takes care of maintaining it or rebuilding the destroyed. Vastu, known as spatial medicine, provides balance in the home.

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