Vaastu is architecture according to the guidelines of nature. The laws of Vastu Shastra were considered the basis of sacred geometry and the basis of every construction – the construction of Eastern civilizations. It is a science written in the Vedas that teaches us how and in what way to arrange our apartment, space and how to build a house so that it will be in accordance with the forces and laws that govern nature. These laws can be transferred to space according to both general and individual principles based on our Jyotish birth chart. The goal is to create harmony between man, who is an earthly and energetic being, and nature. The purpose is a balance between form and energy. These constructive parameters are related to the five natural elements. If Ayurveda is medicine for man, Vaastu is the medicine of space.


Five great elements

Whether it is a cosmic body-macrocosm or a human body-microcosm, it is all made up of five elements: earth, air, water, fire and space. The cooperation of the five great elements is very important, because if they do not cooperate, an imbalance can occur, which begins to be reflected on the physical level. Just as in man these five elements rule in space. The imbalance between them in space, dwelling-home, is reflected in the areas of our lives according to which area they belong and rule.



From Vaastu Shastra springs the concept of Vaastu Purusha. The space is alive too. VP is the deity who rules the space. He is in charge of harmony among the inhabitants. It has the task of harmonizing our home, space by creating an environment from which we will derive maximum benefits. It shows us the way the energies of the five natural elements, the planets, the chaker, and the geometric structure are distributed. Ancient seers believed that during the construction of a dwelling it was necessary to pray and satisfy the VP in order for the inhabitants to live in harmony. From the MATSYA PURANA, which is one of the 8 main turkeys (ancient records) and is among the oldest, the legend of Vastu Purusha also originates.

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