Ancient sages of India through their deep vision of consciousness on the secrets of health and diseases systematically explored the great medical system called AYURVEDA and contributed to the universe. They had a clear picture of human existence from a holistic point of view that picturize the gross body to the subtlest consciousness. The explanation and description of the mind, mental ailments and psychosomatic diseases of Ayurveda are very unique when compared with other medical systems in the world. Smriti Meditation is a guided interactive meditation technique developed based on the description in Caraka Samhita(One of the important classical text book in Ayurveda).

Ayurveda explained that the primordial cause of all ailments is intellectual error(Prajnaparadha), any act committed due to lack of intellect(Dhee), will to constraint temptations(Dhriti) and impaired memory(Smriti) of past events is considered as the intellectual error. This may be reflected as the distractions and disturbances at the psychological level which can turn into physical(Somatic), psychic and psychosomatic ailments, in addition with individually or collectively increased mental doshas rajas and tamas. Ayurveda suggest Jnana(Knowledge), Vijnana(Ultimate knowledge), Dhairya(Courage), Smriti(Memeory) and Samadhi(Deep state of meditation). This five components gives the comprehensive understanding of the Ayurveda Psychotherapy methods called as Satvavajaya chikitsa. Among this, Smriti is a powerful tool that one can explore the deeper layers of consciousness. The exploration in deeper layers is rather difficult and sometimes painful but help to change the conditioned unhelpful cognitions, approaches and clears the emotional blocks very fastly.


      • Deeper self awareness.
      • Personality development.
      • Emotional maturity formation.
      • Management of stress and stress related issues.
      • Exploring the un-recognized or unknown blocks within , which makes you limited in various aspects.
      • As a effective prevention tool for many psychic and psychosomatic ailments.
      • To identify the psychic components of the ailments.
      • To improve emotional and intellectual health.
      • Helps to achieve the life goals.


Smriti meditation is a guided interactive meditation technique. It is an easier and powerful method to guide the clients into deep consciousness to reveal and address the real blocks or problems within. The ultimate aim of smriti meditation is to overcome all the obstacles that prevent the path of progress to the Samadhi state(deep meditative state or state of bliss). The repeated practise of smriti meditation , when negative emotions settle down , mind becomes calm, peaceful and person transcends to more subtle layers of existences, in this state one can easily find a harmony between the body and mind.

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