About the initiative and purpose!!!

We are very happy to announce our new initiative “Pulse Intuitive Satsang Series ” is a humble contribution to humanity. We are creating a larger platform where we can explore and share the truths, knowledge, experience, insights and many more on different subjects like Ayurveda sastra, Medicine, Health sciences, Psychology, Yoga sastra, Tantra sastra, Astrology- medical, and vedic, Vastu sastra, Spiritual seeking and many more. Which are purely for the wellbeing and to help for the proper physical, mental and spiritual growth of an individual. The ultimate goal of “ Pulse Intuitive Satsang Series ” is to achieve, spread and maintain the Sattvik quality of life.

Definition – What does Satsang mean?

Satsang is a Sanskrit term derived from two roots: sat means “true or truth” and sangha meaning community, union, company or association.

It can be translated as “associating or uniting with good people for a good intention for the world or universe” or simply “being in the company of truth or true realizations,” and refers to the act of gathering with like-minded, uplifting people, especially those on a spiritual seeking path.

Satsang may also refer to a group of people engaged in a spiritual dialogue or a creative discussion. Although the term is generally used to highlight the importance of community on complete growth, by definition satsang can additionally be considered as a divine relationship with universal truth or reality.

Satsang is associated with the inner quality of sattva (goodness or purity), which is one of the three gunas (natural attributes) alongside rajas (passion) and tamas (inactivity). The ultimate goal of “ Pulse Intuitive Satsang Series ” is to achieve, spread and maintain the Sattvik quality of life.

How this program works and goes?

Every month on a particular day will fix the Satsang on prior information through online platforms (Zoom or Google meet or Microsoft teams) on a regular basis with different topics and subjects. And also, those who wish to include our Satsang in their programs like workshops, retreats, seminars or webinars are also open or possible for free service as a humble offering.



Every day life challenges are increasing drastically, because we are force to do and manage the things even if we don’t have the interest in it. But the life situation pushes us forward, there might be less chance to choose a second option. The consequence of these processes can easily create tremendous stress and anxiety which is very normal. But the problem lies when we don’t know how to manage it. Which invites different level of issues and problems in to our life. The mind actions become impulsive, and compulsive thoughts will generate, these can manifest various unhealthy habits or behaviours. Which can finally affect the physical health like digestion, circulation, immunity, hormonal actions etc. So, the effects of stress are very deeper than our understanding. Thus, the stress management is very important in day to day healthy and active life. So, the Satsang we designed especially for the purpose of better stress management, Satsang includes,

  • The real understanding about stress.
  • How stress works on our body, mind and energy?
  • Special technique for better stress management.
  • Which diet is the best to reduce the stress impact?
  • Live interactive sessions.

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