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10 benefits of attending an ayurveda workshop

The ancient healing art of ayurveda has been used in India since before the time of the Buddha, some 2,500 years ago. Modern practitioners utilize ayurveda’s principles to treat physical and mental conditions, from digestive complaints to insomnia to anxiety and depression. If you want to attend an ayurveda workshop, but aren’t sure about what to expect, here are 10 benefits that can make your experience worthwhile.


1) It’s a great way to learn about your body

If you’re not familiar with your body or how it works, then attending a workshop can be a good way to take some time to figure it out. There will likely be plenty of information about how to take care of yourself and your health. This is especially important if you want to learn more about what you should and shouldn’t do in order to stay healthy—and stay alive for as long as possible.


2) You can try new things without having to buy them

If you’re trying to use less plastic in your life, it can be tempting to buy alternative products like shampoo bars or bulk soap. But keep in mind that you can try them before you buy them! Most people just need to borrow a few sample-sized items from their friends and family. Try swapping out your usual body lotion for a homemade oil blend that’ll leave your skin silky smooth—and then bring some along with you to share at your next family gathering or cocktail party. Or if you’re trying out zero-waste living, host a swap meet with friends where everyone brings their least-used toiletries to exchange for what others don’t want anymore.


3) Discover the truth about the food you eat

According to ayurvedic teaching, people typically are what they eat. Unfortunately, that means most people in developed countries are composed primarily of foods that don’t agree with them. Eating a diet that’s good for you is about more than just choosing natural foods; it’s also about avoiding processed and genetically modified foods. Investing in learning how to cook Indian and Asian dishes can be a great way to learn how to balance your body with food that’s naturally good for you. Ayurvedic workshops will give you detailed knowledge on herbs, spices, proteins and vegetables, as well as provide cooking instructions so you can take home delicious recipes along with fresh perspective on your health and happiness. The next time someone compliments your cooking skills – feel free to thank them for noticing!


4) Learn how to heal chronic conditions with natural remedies

Chronic conditions affect millions of people, and it’s not surprising why. In a world where fast food is abundant and stress levels are high, it can be difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. But these stresses don’t just affect your mental health—they can also have serious physical repercussions. Attend an ayurvedic workshop to learn how using these ancient techniques can help you live a healthier life. The most common ailments that people use natural remedies for include: acne, insomnia, arthritis and depression. For example, in India it is common practice to rub turmeric on cuts or boils instead of antibiotic ointments.


5) New friends are made

The first benefit to going to an ayurvedic workshop is that you will meet new people and form connections. Meditation requires a certain amount of self-awareness and concentration, making it easy to talk with other people during meditation sessions.


6) Gather information that can help in business

Modern medicine focuses on quick fixes. People want pills and surgeries to fix their health problems. Ayurvedic medicine, in contrast, is based on self-healing and prevention through awareness. Attending an ayurvedic course can help you learn about medicinal plants and natural treatments for a variety of ailments—as well as meditation techniques that can help keep you calm and focused. Take advantage of what’s offered by gathering information that can benefit your business or personal life!


7) The world is more beautiful than it seems

It’s hard to maintain a positive outlook on life when your workplace is full of people who gossip and backstab, or you’re struggling to pay off debt. You may not realize how blessed you are because things look so ugly from where you sit. When problems arise, take a moment to remember what a gift it is just to be alive; many people are struggling far more than you, yet they continue to search for joy in every new day.


8) Learn how/why things work in nature

We can use that to our advantage. By understanding how nature (and therefore all life) works, we can improve our own lives and bring more balance and harmony into them. This is what Ayurvedic medicine is all about. One way to learn more about it is by attending workshops or classes and speaking with professionals in your area who specialize in Ayurvedic medicine; that’s a great place to start if you have questions about how natural things like plant-based remedies or daily practices could be good for your health.


9) Eat what makes you happy

Ayurvedic cooking focuses on avoiding foods that might disrupt your doshas and finding ways to incorporate ingredients that are naturally calming or invigorating. The nice thing about these principles is that they’re often straightforward: if a food is spicy, it will probably be more energizing, while a cooling food is probably milder in taste and texture.


10) Enjoy food as medicine!

It’s hard to separate medicine from its literal meaning—to prevent disease, keep yourself healthy. Eating food that keeps you healthy is an important step in preventing illness or slowing down any illnesses that come your way. An Ayurvedic lifestyle teaches us to cook with healing herbs and spices, choose whole foods over refined, and approach food as a way to maintain balance rather than a source of comfort. While it is challenging for many Westerners to adopt such beliefs about food, a weekend spent at an Ayurvedic workshop will give you tools for incorporating these principles into your everyday life. Attendees leave feeling more empowered with knowledge they can take back home and apply immediately. Here are 10 ways an Ayurvedic workshop can help


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