Marma are energy points and which are connected with energy channels (Pranic channels) in the body used for maintaining the health and healing in Ayurveda. Marma points are distributed all around the body, in a specific manner, types, structure and measurements. By using these points to heal and maintain the health is called “MARMA CHIKITSA”. The concept of marma is first explained in vedic science, naturally it has influenced all other sciences which are find in vedas like Yoga, Ayurveda, Dance, Music, Mantra, Martial arts, Astrology, Philosophy, Sidha system of traditional medicine and sexology (Kama sastra ).


What is marma?

Marma the word meaning in Sanskrit means that which is vital in nature, if any injury happen to these points leads to various diseases or can even leads to death. In practice it is also apparent that any trauma to these vital parts may lead to death. On other way we can define marma as the seat of LIFE. On other hand marma is a point where the body and mind meet together, it’s a sensitive point which can have the ability to influence the functions of body and mind. In Ayurveda science marma is explained in Sushruta Samhita, an ancient literature of Ayurveda written by a great rishi (Scientist). The description of marma is an important part of Ayurvedic anatomy.


How the concept of marma got evolved? Ultimate goals of marma therapy?

The concept of marma is evolved in Vedas, So Marma science is a part of vedic science. In Ayurveda shastra, the concept and detailed explanation of marma can found in Sushruta Samhita, Charaka Samhita, Ashtanga samgraha, Ashtanga hridayam like various ancient Ayurvedic literatures. Marma points are the vital points in our body, through which we can restore and revive the inner organs health and mental health. Those who engaged in higher spiritual practices cannot practice yoga, pranayama and other physical practices to keep their body fit due to their special lifestyle. They can, however, attain the same results and enjoy a similar outcome with marma therapy also, which enables them to attain physical well-being, mental calmness, awareness, spiritual gains and self- realization.


What is the use of knowing marma points?

Marma points are the seats of Life, by knowing the points and understanding the structure and technique to stimulate and manipulate the marma points can helps to stimulate and revitalize the inner organs and mind. The focus of marma point and doing certain style of massage or therapy or activation of the point is primarily to manipulate subtle energy or prana flow that can help the organs to rejuvenate and can even touch and influence the mind, thoughts and emotions.


How many marma points are there in the body?

There are more than 8000 macro and micro marma points are there, but according to Maharsi Susruta and other rishis or masters of Ayurveda widely accepted there are 107 main marmas in the human body. These are very important vital points. Any injury to these parts may lead to severe pain, disability, loss of function, loss of sensation (anesthesia) and even death.


What are the types of marmas in our body?

According to Ayurvedic anatomical consideration, marmas can be divided into mansa-marma, sira- marma, snayu-marma, sandhi-marma, and asthi-marma (respectively, marma of muscle, blood vessel, ligament, joint and bone). On the basis of properties, they can be categorized into saumya, vayavya, agneya and saumyagneya marmas. According to site, marmas are situated at udara (thorax and abdomen) 12 in total number, prishta (back) 14 in total, shakha (extremities) 44 in total and urdhvajatru (neck and head) region 37 in number. So totally 107 marma points in the body, each serving a particular area, purpose, and each with its own name and structure.


How is these 107 marma points get distributed in our body?

According to the area of the body, there are eleven marma points in one leg. The same number is present in the other leg. So, these are a total of forty-four marma points including both the upper and lower extremities. There are twelve marma points in the thorax and abdomen. Fourteen marma points are present in the back. Thirty-seven marma points are located above the clavicular region (neck and head). So total 107 main marma points presents in our physical body.


What is marma therapy?

Marma points if used for healing and maintaining the health can be called as “Marma Therapy or Marma Chikitsa”. One of the best things about knowing the types, location and structure of marma points can utilize them by using a gentle self-massage or applying standard pressure or application of certain herbal oils such techniques is to activate the points and stimulate the flow of pranic energy to different organs and mind.

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